Friday, 27 March 2015

Pretty Platters with Pèbèo Porcelain  150


I know that's a tongue twister, Try saying it 5 times quickly.
Seriously though, I loved creating these and I cans see that the options are endless. 

To create your own pretty platters to impress you friends you'll need…

Porcelain dishes of choice
Pèbèo Porcelaine 150 markers
Pebeo fine point black (0.7mm)paint pen
regular 6B pencil
Porcelaine 150 Brilliant paint in Scarlet and White
Sharp object to remove and sharpen lines
Rubbing alcohol and cotton buds

So lets get started

I drew a face on the platter freehand. It's so easy to wipe off and correct if you aren't happy with it. When you have the look you want, begin outlining with the black porcelain paint pens in the 1.2mm and 0.7mm 

Decide how you want to create the 'hair'. My first design kind of set the tone for the organic look.Adding random lines in various thicknesses, I created 'branches' and then dots to add a kind of shadow. The eyes are simply a dab of Peacock Blue and the lips and cheeks are scarlet red.

Add the Peacock blue to the top of the colour area and blend out with your fingers.

Starting with Earth Brown at the base and blend with your fingers. Go lighter as you move up. I used Marseille Yellow,, Agate Orange and Peridot Green blending colours as you work.

Finally, a touch of Peacock blue added to the top and some of the golds at the bottom help balance the look.  
Allow the paints 24 hours drying time before baking in your oven for around 35 min at 150ºC

Now you are free to create your set of platters. 
I did sharpen the lines up and added the highlight in the eyes by 'scratching' off any untidy or messy lines. A wooden skewer of sharpish tool will work. A quick sip over with some rubbing alcohol with a tissue or a cotton bud does the job of cleaning up.

Heres a quick glimpse of some of the other platter designs. 
I did use the Porcelaine 150 paints from the little jars in these.  Mixing a little Scarlet red and white to get the varied pinks for the floral hair. 
After adding a Peacock blue base, I softened it off by dabbing some watered down White. 
Keep playing till you're happy. And most importantly, have fun with it. 


 Now you're set to impress.

Time to invite you friends around for a cuppa and serve them their favourite treat on what is sure to be the talking point of your get together.Your personalised platters. 

Kerry Sinigaglia

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