Sunday, 8 October 2017

                         Cauldron Of Colours

The excitement of Inktober, Halloween and the release of Jane Davenports new Mermaid Markers has me all inspired. 

I wanted to create some fabulous colours that would work well for not only the INKredibleTober Challenge, but for my journal pages I create in the future. ( You can join in the fun over on Jane's Mixed Media Workshop Facebook Group.)

So, after nearly fainting over the delicious new range of colours, especially the shimmers, I got to Mixing and the following "recipes" are what I have come up far. 

I  blended most of the colours on a palette, but also tried mixing or layering directly onto the page. 
I think for the best effect, mixing on the palette worked for me.

I played with different ratios. It is amazing what variations of intensity and colour you can get from playing with them like this. 

It's difficult to measure or give you an exact ratio for each one, but as you will see from the pics, you can create a lovely variety of shades from the one colour combination. 

The following colours were all created using the newly released Mermaid Marker:

Sunbleached.  Conch, Seashell, Sand Bar, Lagoon, Bali Blue and Driftwood

Shipwrecked. Kelp, Squid Ink, Stormy Seas, Shark's Eye, Octopus and Gills

Shimmering Sky. Milky Way,Aurora Australis, Polar Lights andPlanet Gliese

Celestial Sky. Meteorite, Moonbeam, Black Whole and Falling Star

I first started out wanting to make some shimmery pumpkin shades and after playing with these three colours, I was able to mix quite a variety. 

As you can see in the following image I used Sand Bar, Falling Star and Polar Lights.
Each colour was made experimenting with the ratios.

Pumpkin Spice.
I used more of the Sand Bar to mix this shade.
The key at the top f the following page show the colours needed to get mixing your Pumpkin Spiced shades.

Sand Bar, Falling Star and Polar Lights. 

I thought about what other colours remind me of Halloween and Purples came to mind. Perfect for a shimmery witches cloak or a dramatic gothic gown.
The shades of purple that can be mixed is amazing. 
I used Octopus, Squid Ink and Polar Lights for these recipes. 

Octopus, Squid Ink and Polar Lights were used in different
ratios to create these s fabulous summery shades or purple. 

You can see how the amount of Pink ( Polar Lights)
Red ( Octopus) and blue ( Squid Ink)
really affects the tone of the purple.

When I think of Halloween, I definitely think of bats, ravens, witches  graveyards at night. 

The following colours remind me of these things. 
I threw a good splash of Milky Way, a dash of Sharks Eye, Black Hole and Meteorite into the cauldron and here we have it. Some deep dark colours bubbled out. I hope you enjoy mixing some of your own variations on these shades. 

Milky Way and Sharks Eye were mixed to create the deep rich shimmery black. 
Milky way and Sharks Eye ( heavy on the Milky Way) created the shimmery" Ravens Feather" colour as I like to call it. 
And to create the "Gravestone Grey", use a mix of Black Hole and Sharks Eye, then add a top layer of Meteorite over that. 

Milky Way, Sharks Eye, Black Hole and Meteorite.

Of course Halloween wouldn't be complete without a with or two with their glowing green skin, slime, slippery frogs, toads and shimmering Dragon scales to toss into their cauldrons. 

To whip these colours up you will need Kelp, Falling Star and Sand Bar. 

For my first recipe mix Kelp and Falling Star together, again changing up the ratios till it's mixed to your taste. 

Kelp and Falling Star

Left to right: Sand Bar and Aurora Australis
Aurora Australis and Falling Star
Kelp and Falling Star

Sand Bar and Aurora Australis

                                Kelp and Falling Star

Not wanting to waste any of the fabulous green I mixed, I used the last of it with a good splash of water on  a blank page and  watched as the colours pooled and separated. 

Kelp and Falling Star and a good wash of water. 

Now, every recipe book usually ends with all things sweet and these colours remind me of candy and fairies These are the simplest of all of the recipes and really only need two ingredients. 
The colours from the Sunbleached set and Moonbeam from the Celestial Sky set. 

You can see how the Moonbeam pastelises the colours, making them transform into pretty shades of candy, frosting and fairies wings etc. 

From left to right: Lagoon, Driftwood, Seashell, Bali Blue, Conch, Moonbeam And Sand Bar.
(I apologise for the mix up with the Sand Bar mix being at the top of the page. I forgot the Sandbar mix and had to add it to the top, above the Moonbeam swatch.)
Well, I hope you enjoyed these recipes and you get cooking up a storm with your Mermaid Markers as well. I'm sure there are plenty more recipes to be created yet. 
Time to pull out our cauldron and get cooking. 

                                      Wishing you a wonderfully arty day. 
                                                 Kerry Sinigaglia

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Washi your Face

                                  Washi Your Face

Hello everybody. 
This year has started off with some wonderful things happening for me. I am so thrilled to be Jane Davenport and her lovely  husband, Angus' little helper. 
If you're a Davenpeep, you've probably seen or heard from me quite a bit in Jane's Facebook groups.

I am also enjoying all of the art shared in these groups and playing with Jane's very own mixed media art supply range brought out in JANEuary. I've been having a ball playing with all of her art supplies myself, and, as I'm about to share with you all, I had a wonderful crafter-noon recently when I created my 'face spinner' with Jane's wish tapes in her Butterfly journal. So..........if you'd like to make one of your own, here's what you will need and a 'how to' create your very own. I hope you have fun. 

JDMM "Miss Match" washi tapes
JDMM Paper Pad 2 pages
JDMM Butterfly Journal/optional
Sizzix die cutting machine
Sizzix "picture wheel" die , or a viewfinder cartridge to use as a template. 
craft knife
needle like piercing tool
white card stock ( or your choice of colour) 
small brads
double sided tape or glue stick

Step 1:  
Draw around your 'picture wheel' and mark out the windows. 

Step 2:

Tear the individual images from the washi roll and place over the windows you marked out. 

Cut out your 'swimsuit girl' from the cover of Jane's Paper Pad.

After cutting out the image from the front page of Jane's Paper Pad, use a die cut from your 'picture window' die  and trace out the face ready for cutting out. 

Step 4:
Make another picture wheel from your card stock to glue over the faces wheel you've created. 

Step 5:
Once glued together, using a needle like tool,  pierce the centre of the wheel in the BACKING page making sure the window cut out is aligned. 
Mark out the hole in the centre of the chosen paper pad BACKING page once folded in half. Fold the flap of the FRONT page over at the top to fit into the Butterfly journal. This gives you a smooth 'spinning' wheel' hold. 
NOTE: Jane's paper pad pages are a little larger than the inserts which allow for a fold over at the top. Also, make sure that you  allow the tip of the picture wheel to hang out at the side a little in order to allow for spinning as shown below. 
Trace out the window which should be centred at the top of the  FRONT page for cutting out. Once you cut out that window, align your swimsuit girl with her face window cut out so as you spin the wheel, all ace are visible.

Step 6:

Use the brad to secure the picture wheel to the BACK page.
Here's what it should look like. 
Picture wheel in-between the  FRONT folded page and a BACK page. 

Step 7:

SO. once the picture wheel is secured, the faces line up with the front girls face window, you can secure the pages together with more of Jane's washi tapes. 

Step 8:

Here's how she should look. 

I hope you've enjoyed this crafty spin on using Jane Davenport's mixed media range, and I hope you too can create one of your very own. 

Till next time


Kerry Sinigaglia