Saturday, 19 October 2013

Okey dokey.... WELL... OBVIOUSLY I am NOT such a prolific blogger.  Sooooo Let's get over that.... shall we...and make use of the time you have invested i reading this.

 I have done PLENTY of  artful and exploratory ventures since we last saw each other. I have , for whatever reason, kept a little quiet about it here.     MY art -istic ventures take me in ALL directions, and to be honest, I think they sometimes pull me in so many directions, I'm not sure where my head is. I have   ' a finger in every pie' so to speak. I have taught mixed media in Polymer clay  and basic felting and dabbled in mixed media metal/. Sooooo This leaves me with the conundrum........ Where  to next...where does my heart lye.? A GOOD question. I will ALWAYS love polymer clay and mixed media, BUT, the  availability and 'take anywhere'  possibilities   of a journal and it's 'expansions' leads me heavily in this direction.

 I am NOT yet willing to give up my VAST collective of fabric, beads and metal...... I may  regret the  letting go........... I have a sense of connection with these a treasure dug up from the past...

  AGAIN....  Where is this going? I think as artists, we ALL ask this of ourselves at one point. At the moment, I am not so much in a constructive and creative mood, BUT, more of a reflective and pondering one...

 Let us see.

 Personally, my 'needs' as a human being' at the moment are more spiritual and in line with personal growth...... a place I have  become more comfortable with....just letting go...breathing....taking in what is around me...observing the every breath of this earth.....

 THIS is where I AM at the moment....and where I should be...

 Allow yourself the same

 Never  compromise your inner 'pull'. Let it lead you instead to a place of peace and harmony....

 THIS is all I have to offer you  for now

 Peace and love be with you all....

 xox Kerry

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Soooooo. As you've probably figured, I'm not a prolific blogger...YET. However, that does not mean that I have been sitting idly, twiddling my thumbs. Oh no. Quite the opposite. I have been SUPER busy with my art-ventures.

 For starters....those who recently visited the paper and scrapbooking show in Brisbane might have seen me at Jane Davenports stand helping her  and her husband , Angus out for the three days. Wow! Busy but SUPER fun. I loved being involved in all the arty chitter chatter and meeting new artful souls and talking non-stop about art supplies. AND of course , Jane, and her incredible ability to teach all things artful and whimsy in her amazing online classes. I know I gush a bit about her, but she is a total gem. The most beautiful person you could have the pleasure to meet.

 NOW....on to what else I have been up to. Hee- hee -hee.  Working n some NEW and exciting project; lets just say, they involve  some 'different' mediums and techniques. But, more to come on that later.

As for now, my poor puppy is still recovering from his second knee surgery, so THAT is keeping me busy.( just like having another baby...) AND the kids are on holidays, so I have some wonderful time to share with them. Influencing them in all things arty. Of course. Art journals especially.

 Only yesterday I heard from a friend I have known for MANY years ( shout out to you Fiona) and I am happy to say she has ( through my  subtle suggestion) found the joy of art journaling. Knowing that this form of 'art therapy' is helping people and growing as a universal tool in peoples personal lives  is such a wonderful thing.

 So.  I  believe there are a few exciting things I'll be able to share with you soon. And I hope everyone is living life to the fullest.

Now for some pics of what I've been up to.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

WOW.Almost a year since I was here. What ? Is that a record? Well,I'm convincing myself to try out more of this kinda thing.I know I'm wa-a-a-a-y behind in the tech department.( Hanging head in shame)
But, I  guess I think I now have more to share, so I'll just plod along.I may not be a wizz on the computer but  I'm willing to try. I won't bore you any longer with how inept I am . On we go.....

I have over the past year done some rather exciting art classes which have helped me to believe in myself more than I ever thought I would. We all have that little voice that tells us we're not good at something, and if it's something you love, then your confidence can really take a beating.I have learnt to shoosh that up a lot more.( Bound and gagged and locked in a closet). I would like to share with you some of the art I have been creating in this time.And I hope that it inspires you or makes you happy and maybe even want to  start your own art-venture.
My journey into art journaling began when I met the awesomely talented Jane Davenport. Her enthusiasm and joyful spirit make every class an absolute joy.Not to mention she is the most brilliant teacher. So, As I was desperate to take one of her classes, I had to overcome my fear of the COMPUTER. UUUGH!.So in a way, I have got more out of her class than I ever thought. I had to learn to USE the computer in order to do her fabulous online classes. Which, for most of you , is probably a breeze. Anyway, with my creativity ignited, I took off, wanting to learn everything I could.
My new found love of art journaling was born. I have always drawn or painted, but with no direction or joy in the outcome. Since then,things have changed.I am now super excited to get up every morning and put pen, paint or ink to paper.Whatever takes my fancy. Of course I have days where it's a bit Blaaaah, but who doesn't? But mostly I can change my mood with a bit of art-therapy. Journaling is such an awesome ( and cheap) form of therapy.  Sometimes we just need to express an idea, a tough or an emotion, and wether it's in the form of a drawing or pen work, it works.
I urge you to consider these ideas and how you can use them in some way in your life. I think even just doodling on a notepad is a form of journaling.It's a free expression without the constriction of ' what if it's no good ' buzzing in your ear. It's just fun.
Well, I think I have typed enough for today, but if you're wanting to check out Jane Davenport's classes, you can see her trailers on Youtube.She is really great .....just saying Her combo class with the amazing Teesha Moore( art journaler  extraordinare, is a must.It's called Mermaid Circus and is only going for a short time.Check them out
Hope to see you more often......12 months is a bit long.....heehee.