Saturday, 29 June 2013

Soooooo. As you've probably figured, I'm not a prolific blogger...YET. However, that does not mean that I have been sitting idly, twiddling my thumbs. Oh no. Quite the opposite. I have been SUPER busy with my art-ventures.

 For starters....those who recently visited the paper and scrapbooking show in Brisbane might have seen me at Jane Davenports stand helping her  and her husband , Angus out for the three days. Wow! Busy but SUPER fun. I loved being involved in all the arty chitter chatter and meeting new artful souls and talking non-stop about art supplies. AND of course , Jane, and her incredible ability to teach all things artful and whimsy in her amazing online classes. I know I gush a bit about her, but she is a total gem. The most beautiful person you could have the pleasure to meet.

 NOW....on to what else I have been up to. Hee- hee -hee.  Working n some NEW and exciting project; lets just say, they involve  some 'different' mediums and techniques. But, more to come on that later.

As for now, my poor puppy is still recovering from his second knee surgery, so THAT is keeping me busy.( just like having another baby...) AND the kids are on holidays, so I have some wonderful time to share with them. Influencing them in all things arty. Of course. Art journals especially.

 Only yesterday I heard from a friend I have known for MANY years ( shout out to you Fiona) and I am happy to say she has ( through my  subtle suggestion) found the joy of art journaling. Knowing that this form of 'art therapy' is helping people and growing as a universal tool in peoples personal lives  is such a wonderful thing.

 So.  I  believe there are a few exciting things I'll be able to share with you soon. And I hope everyone is living life to the fullest.

Now for some pics of what I've been up to.

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